Summer is the time of year when many say goodbye to their conservatory. With the traditional polycarbonate conservatory roof offering next to no insulation, this living space becomes a heat trap. This results in you having to shut off the conservatory until the weather cools down. 


This should never be the case! Resolving this issue may just be simpler than you would expect. Replacing the conservatory roof with a thermally efficient guardian roof will allow you to transform how you use this space. Creating that all-year-round living space you have always wanted. 


In this blog, we will be discussing the key benefits a Guardian Roof offers during these warmest months of the year. 


Reducing Sun Glare 


Have you ever woken up bright and early and enjoyed breakfast within your conservatory? If so you would have found that this living space is at its best first thing in the morning. This is because at this point of the day there is a lot less sunlight beaming down on the conservatory. It’s one of the only parts of the day where you can truly enjoy your conservatory to its full potential during the summer months. 


A Guardian Roofs offers the protection against glare that you deserve. With this solid roof, you will find that there is less glare. Even when the sun is at its brightest point of the day, there will never be a time when your left squinting.


Temperature Control


The single most important part of any conservatory roof replacement is how it affects the overall temperature of the living space. As mentioned previously, one of the biggest problems conservatory owners face at this time of year is the temperature being too hot. With a fully insulated conservatory roof, you will always have full over the temperature of your living space. 


The Guardian Roof is constructed out of multiple layers of quality insulation which makes it perfect for staying on top of internal temperature. This insulation will empower you to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. Keeping the conservatory cool within the summer has never been easier.


Energy Efficiency 


When a heatwave hits many of us turn to air conditioning to keep the home cool. As air conditioning is very expensive to run your cool air mustn’t be escaping. Have you ever considered how much energy your conservatory could be wasting within the summer? As you can tell, the traditional polycarbonate conservatory roof is far from thermally efficient, therefore, a replacement may be exactly what you need to keep bills down within the summer. 


Along with multiple layers of quality insulation, a brand new Guardian Roof offers unbeatable build quality. With our tried and tested conservatory roof replacement process, you can be sure that there will be no room for the precious cool air to escape.


Elevating Aesthetics 


An often-overlooked factor when it comes to replacing your conservatory roof is the benefits it brings to the aesthetics of your home. A polycarbonate conservatory roof has a tendency to become overgrown with moss and other greenery making it look untidy and poorly looked after. You may take great care of the rest of your home but with this old and discoloured conservatory roof reflects a bad image on all your hard work.


The Guardian Roof will create those house aesthetics that you have always dreamt about. With a range of tile options available, you can be sure that your conservatory roof will complement the appearance of the rest of your home. Creating that contemporary appearance that will leave your guests in awe. 


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