As the beautiful spring weather begins to settle, we all spend more time relaxing in the garden and enjoying the sun. After a long and dark winter, there is nothing better than watching the days get longer and planning for lovely weather ahead. 


Unfortunately, there is just one area of your home that becomes unusable at this time of the year, yes the conservatory. With a strong sun beaming into your home, the conservatory transforms into a greenhouse making it unpleasant to spend time within. 


A solid conservatory roof not only prevents your conservatory from becoming too hot but it also offers a range of other benefits that will serve you and your family for many years to come. Today may just be the day where you take the leap towards having that all year round living space that you’ve always dreamt about!  


Blending In With The Rest of The Home Effortlessly 


The solid conservatory roof offers a sleek and stylish alternative to the traditional polycarbonate roof that came with your conservatory. Crafted using quality tiles which have been carefully selected to match the rest of your home, your conservatory can be easily transformed into an extension to your living space that you can be proud of. Additionally, a solid roof conservatory is much more attractive to potential home buyers when compared to the traditional conservatory roofing options


Reducing The Money Spend On Energy Bills 


Whether its the heart of spring or the middle of winter, energy bills should always be something that we should stay mindful of. With only a handful of warm months in the year, it’s important that the roofing option you chose is fully insulated. This ensures that when the temperature finally drops again there you won’t be spending unnecessary sums of money on your energy bills. Our solid roof conservatories are structured with layers of quality insulation to ensure your living space is fully insulated whatever the weather outside. Saving you money on your energy bills while creating all year round living space. 


Creating A Tranquil Living Space 


Choosing a solid conservatory roof means that you get the same noise cancellation as you would expect when sitting within your living room. High-quality material paired wit the outstanding build quality ensures there are no gaps where noise can seep in through. Creating a relaxing living space that everyone will enjoy spending time within. Another known problem with traditional polycarbonate roofing material is that it offers very little protection against glare. Luckily, a solid conservatory roof will reduce the amount of glare that you experience when enjoying your conservatory, allowing you to enjoy your living space regardless of the weather outside. 


Maintaining The Perfect Temperature With Ease 

Staying nice and cool on a warm day is never easy, especially when you have no living space which stays cold during this weather. Due to the solid roof design, there will be added insulation which helps keep the cool air in and the warm air out, ensuring your living space is always the perfect temperature. This works in the complete opposite within the winter where you will be retaining that warm air and keeping the cold out. This means you will always have a part of the home which stays the desired temperature.


If you would like to get the conversation about a solid roof started it’s as simple as picking up the phone and giving one of our friendly team members a call today. We would be happy to answer any of the questions you may have as well as arranging to provide you with a quotation

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