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Guardian Roofs Midlands purposely set up this business to be specialist installers of the Guardian Warm Roof System. Our whole business is solely focused on the high-quality refurbishment of conservatories or complete new build extensions using the Guardian Roof System. As the heart of our business transforming peoples conservatories we can put all of our efforts into becoming industry experts and exceeding expectations in every job that we do. 100% of our knowledge, experience and professionalism are concentrated completely on this single state of the art roof system. Knowing this fact means you can rest assured that your home is in capable hands. If you are looking for a specialist contractor with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the conservatory roof Birmingham market then look no further.

We are Team Guardian Approved. This means we are officially recognised by the Guardian group to install all Guardian Warm Roof products to the very highest standard. All of our fitters are approved installers which means that they have been certified on the manufacturers training courses. Many companies are not approved installers. We know for a fact that these companies simply do not compare to those who are certified– accept nothing less from your roof supplier or risk a shoddy installation which could potentially lead to spending a lot more money than you have.

Conservatory Roof BirminghamIn theory, conservatories are a great idea. They are a cheap way of extending your home and having a quiet area where you can relax after a stressful day at work. They are a natural light beacon and give the feeling of being outside. Their potential is huge, but so are the limits. Typically conservatories have a glass or polycarbonate roof. This means that temperature regulation is almost non-existent. As we all know, in England the weather is very unpredictable; one minute the sun can be shining and the next the wind has dramatically picked up and it is hailing. For this reason, it is important that our homes are able to regulate temperatures so that we feel comfortable. As anyone with a conservatory is aware, in the winter months they are so cold that you are unlikely to be able to spend any time in them at all. On the contrary, in the summer months, the temperature in conservatories rises to an uncomfortable level to the point where it feels like a sauna. By simply changing the roof on your conservatory to a light-weight tiled alternative you will instantly solve this issue and it will change the way you spend your home life forever.

If you would like to find out more about the Conservatory Roof Birmingham service that we offer browse our site or get in contact with our professional team.

What types of conservatory roofs are available?

There are a wide range of conservatory roofs that are available from Guardian Roofs Midlands. From Victorian style to custom shapes to fit your particular home, we can offer a selection of roofs that you’ll love. Read our list on our page and find out more about the different styles you can choose from:

  • Classic shape
  • Attractive design
  • Maximises room space
  • Contemporary styling
  • More options for door positioning
  • 3-facet roof design
Special shaped
  • Increases your options
  • P shape or T shape that can maximise your living space
  • Ideal for converting an old conservatory into a room
  • Perfect for bungalows
Gable ended
  • Suitable for replacement or new build
  • Continuous room height
  • Long ridge down the centre
  • Light and airy space
Lean to
  • Ideal for kitchen extensions
  • Maximise space at the back of the house
  • Ends can have one or two slopes

If your conservatory was designed in a way that does not fit in with the categorised formats above. In this circumstance, we may need come take a look at your conservatory in order to give you an accurate quote and to confirm exactly how your conservatory roof Birmingham will look.

Why should I replace my conservatory roof?

Replacing your conservatory roof with one of our tiled conservatory roofs has a wide array of benefits. You can check out the full benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof by heading to the link provided but the main advantages of replacing your roof are:

Temperature Regulation – The high-performance insulated roof, the conservatory is able to retain the heat during the winter months and also able to regulate heat better within the summer months turning your conservatory into a seasonal space that you can get optimum use out of.

LABC Certified – The Guardian Warm Roof is a local authority building control certified.

10-year guarantee- there is a 10-year warranty on all out products and workmanship. No arguing, no excuses, in the unlikely event that a fault develops with your installation then we will return promptly and professionally without quibble and rectify the fault.

Team Guardian Approved- Guardian Midlands is fully team guardian approved.

Fast Installation-  We are able to start and finish your conservatory roof installation within 3 days.

If you have any questions about the Replacement Conservatory Roof Birmingham service or would like to find out more about the tiled conservatory roof that we stock please get in touch with a member of the Guardian Midlands team today! 0121 396 1150

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