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Are you looking for a new conservatory roof? If you have an older conservatory, you could benefit a lot from a new conservatory roof. A solid roof from Guardian Roofs Midlands can give you a range of benefits. Compared to your old polycarbonate roof, a new Guardian roof can offer you many things. From better insulation properties to improved styling, a new conservatory roof conversion offers a range of pros. A new roof conversion is a great option if you’re looking to bring life to your old conservatory.
Polycarbonate roofs are an outdated relic of the past. You might ask “if they’re outdated, how come they’re so common?”. This is due to the abundant use of polycarbonate. The material was widely used, making it the go-to on all conservatories that were built. Nowadays, materials have advanced a lot and there are much better alternatives to your old polycarbonate roof. Our solid roofs have been engineered to offer specific advantages making it perfect for your home. Our solid roofs keep your home warmer and cooler, look better and are also more protective than a polycarbonate roof.

Replacement conservatory roof TelfordMaking your conservatory useable:

Conservatories are treated as an extension to your home and why wouldn’t it be? It’s extra space in most homes that people would love to use. Most conservatories are made redundant since they’re often too cold or too hot. Depending on the time of year, conservatories can be an unpleasant place to be in your home. This is due to the poor thermal efficiency that a polycarbonate roof offers. Most wouldn’t realise it, but roofs have a huge impact on the temperature of a building. This is why buildings with old roofs will have bad climate control.
A new conservatory roof conversion can make a world of difference when it comes to how the room feels. It’s great to be able to control the temperature in your conservatory. It can make for a much more pleasant space that you’ll be itching to use!

Out with the old:

Old polycarbonate roofs are inherently poor in their design. They wear to the point they leak/allow moisture in. This is bad for two main reasons. Firstly, moisture in a building will damage materials that are susceptible to damp. Any timber/wood fittings will be affected by moisture. Secondly, these leaks offer poor thermal performance. This means that the roof will have a hard time keeping heat in as well as out. This makes for the worst possible combination you could have in a conservatory roof. You’ll be facing extreme heat in the Summer and extreme cold in the Winter.

In with the new:

This is a problem that you won’t face with a solid roof conversion from Guardian Roofs Midlands. Our roofs are designed from the ground up to focus on the performance. They have been engineered, built and tested to the highest standards. This ensures that they adhere to structural and thermal standards that we set out to hit. The result is a quality conservatory roof conversion that anyone can make use of. As a package, it offers an easy solution to those that are looking to replace their conservatory roof.
The only restriction you’ll have for a new solid conservatory roof is a structural one. Your building has to be structurally sound for us to proceed. Any alterations that affect the original structure must be considered. We’ll go through a few checks to see if your home is suitable for a new conservatory roof. From the foundations to the walls, we’ll check what we need to to make sure a new roof is viable.

Working with Guardian Roofs Midlands:

If you’re looking for a new conservatory roof then look no further! We have the perfect solution for your home. A new Guardian roof offers everything you want and more from a conservatory roof. Visit our page on Conservatory Roof Conversion to find out more or give us a call today!

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