Have the recent storms caused your conservatory roof to start leaking? With this extremely harsh weather, many conservatories have started to show signs of wear and tear. Whether it’s just a small leak or a cool draft, it’s clear a part of your conservatory roof has become damaged. If any of these issues are occurring its crucial that you get to the bottom of it and have it resolved as soon as possible. Water damage can be extremely costly if left to develop, don’t waste any more time and get your conservatory roof repaired today. 


In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the key reasons why your conservatory roof has started to leak. Hopefully, this will help you find a temporary fix until a professional is able to come to visit and resolve the issue properly. 


Poor Quality Installation 


The first thing you should consider when your conservatory roof starts leaking is how recent the roof was installed. If you have only recently purchased a conservatory it may be the case that the roof was installed incorrectly, therefore, causing a leak. You may still be covered with your warranty so dig out the paperwork and check if you’re covered. It also may be worth contacting the company that installed the conservatory, they may still support you even if you’re not covered with a warranty. 


Slipped Roof Pannel 


With the strong winds and heavy downpour, it is very likely that one of the roof pannes has slipt. This issue is very common with both a glass or polycarbonate roofing solutions as both the materials have some real weight to them and over the years the panels can be forced to split by the bad weather. Luckily, this issue is definitely a lot easier and cheaper to resolve than some of the other issues out there. As a temporary fix see if you can locate the slip panel and try and force it back into place. 


A Crack In The Roof Pannels


Roofing panels themself are very restraint to the weather, they are designed to withstand the force of wind, rain, sleet and snow. One thing that they are not designed for is the sudden force generated by a branch falling on the roof. With the recent storms, many trees and branches have been ripped down, causing great damage. If one were to come in contact with your conservatory roof, you would expect to see a crack. If water is seeping through to your living space and you can see a visible crack, you will need to speak contact a professional as soon as possible. 


Lack of Sealant In The Roof Joints 


Aa a part of the construction process, sealant will be used to help fill any of the gaps in the structure. This could be a small gap between the wall and the window frame or where the roof panels meet the rest of the structure. Over the years this sealant can become worn and damaged by the harsh Britsh weather. If this occurs you may find a very small leak starting to form coming from a joint within the conservatory. If you notice this, you can use a classic domestic sealant to help fill this gap and prevent the leak from developing further. 


Damaged Conservatory Skylights  


The last form of a leak we will cover within this blog is the one that comes from the skylights located right above your head. If your conservatory is beyond 10 years old you may start to notice the odd drip of rain starting to seep through. When this happens we advise you first try to close the skylight again. In many cases, it can catch which can lead to a minor leak. If the skylight is fully closed and there is still a leak you should speak to a professional. This is likely a result of the damaged sealant but due to the location of this window its best to leave it to a trained home improvement specialist.  

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