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Guardian Roofs Midlands set up this business with one focus in mind- to be specialist installers of the Guardian Warm Roof System. As we put all our effort and concentration into being experts in refurbishing glass or polycarbonate conservatories into state of the art solid roofed conservatories we can comfortably claim that we do our job to an incredibly high level. We aim to always exceed expectations in every job that we do as 100% of our knowledge, experience and professionalism are concentrated completely on this single modern roof system. With this in mind, you can feel more than at ease knowing that we will always go out of our way to complete the project exactly how you want it to be completed. If you are looking for a specialist contractor with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Solihull market, then look no further than Guardian Roofs Midlands.

If you would like to find out more about the Conservatory Roof Solihull service that we offer browse our site or get in contact with our professional team.

Conservatory Roof SolihullThe Benefits

We are Team Guardian Approved. This means that the Guardian group officially recognise Guardian Midlands as being among some of the highest quality installers in the UK. Each one of our fitters are trained to an expert level and have all been officially certified on the manufacturers training courses. There are a large number of companies that do not hold the title of an approved installer. These companies often charge a lower price however if you consider that they have none of the certifications to support their workmanship it begs the question of whether they are qualified to carry out the job to a sufficient level.

In theory, conservatories are a great idea. In practice, they are not so practical and come with many limitations. As anyone with a conservatory is aware, in the winter months it is very difficult to comfortably spend time in them due to the chillingly low temperatures. On the contrary, in the summer the conservatory reaches high temperatures meaning you are unable to relax in there whilst the sun is shining.

The Finishes:

Our conservatory roof Solihull service has a number of benefits. Our roofs are fully customisable allowing you to choose between different tiles, shades, and interior specifications such as lighting and windows.


We have a range of colours such as Just a few of the colours you can choose from include Mulberry, terracotta, black, brown and grey. The guardian tile is completely unique and has been fully tested & approved by team Guardian™. It has been specifically designed and manufactured by Guardian™ so that the roof is a lightweight, fully insulated and completely weatherproof roof.  The roof is also fully LABC approved. Unlike natural slate, it won’t break or crack and it doesn’t become brittle.


Plaster finish–  A plaster finish will help create the illusion of a larger space. You also have the option of having roof windows installed which will allow for lots of light to enter the conservatory. Our skilled plasterers will finish your ceiling with a beautifully smooth texture so that it is ready for painting. Matt white is a very common selection BY most of our customers- white makes a space appear much bigger and more spacious which is why many of our clients go for this choice.

Timber interior finish– The wooden ceiling has the potential to add a lot of character to a conservatory and gives it a classic feel. You can also add extras such as lighting, finishes and personal touches such as art, technological features and ornaments.

Fakro Roof Windows–  Adding a solid conservatory roof to your conservatory doesn’t mean that it needs to become a dark and dingy room. With some Fakro roof, windows added you can get that light-filled feeling back. Just two roof windows is enough to brighten up the whole conservatory. These very modern products are not only practical but also gives you an alternative option for ventilation. The windows come with the option of blinds and double glazing which means soundproofing and heat protection.

LED spotlights– LED lights create a modern feel and do a great job at lighting up every corner of a room. We highly recommend LED lighting as part of your new conservatory, so you are able to get the most out of your conservatory in every way. You can decide the specific number of lights you would like throughout the room. You can also add dimmer switches giving you maximum control.

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