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When it comes to conservatory roofs, we are leading experts. Replacing old conservatory roofs is what we specialise in. With decades of experience, it’s easy to see why we’re leading providers in Stafford. Our team have extensive knowledge when it comes to fitting conservatory roofs in Stafford.
Our business has always been built off of one concept. To provide our customers with a professional and cost-effective service. We want to leave every job knowing we’ve left not only a smile on our customer’s face but a trust in our skills too. We’re an honest service provider that wants nothing more but to give our customers what they want. If you’re looking for a conservatory roof in Stafford, look no further than our service!

Conservatory Roof StaffordWhat a new conservatory roof can do for you:

Whilst a new conservatory roof might not be your everyday purchase, it is something on the mind of thousands of UK homeowners. If you’ve only started looking at the benefits of a new conservatory roof, continue reading our blog!

Improves the look of your home:

Whilst this not might be important to a lot of people, having a nice looking home is good for a multitude of reasons. If nothing else, it improves kerb appeal which does wonders for re-sale value. New conservatory roofs give off a much more refined look. Polycarbonate/Glass roofs are quite outdated which makes it more of a reason to update the look!
Our roofs come in a variety of shapes, styles and finishes. We’re even able to customise the shape or size depending on your conservatory. We can find the best colour that suits your home so you get a perfectly matched roof. The roof tiles that make up the roof also come in a range of colours. Our tiles are also made from modern materials which won’t degrade, crack or break over time.

Improves the comfort of your conservatory:

A solid conservatory roof does wonders for the efficiency of your conservatory. This has a knock-on effect since your conservatory is going to be much better with climate control. Our conservatory roofs give you the ability to be nice and cosy in the Winter, and comfortable and cool in the Summer!
Our roofs were designed from the ground up to provide nothing but the best thermal capabilities to you. The tiles we use have been made specifically for this purpose! Polycarbonate and Glass roofs have poor thermal performance but they were the only roof allowed by UK regulations. This all changed in 2010 with updates on UK planning regulations. This meant that all extensions/conservatories could be fitted with a solid roof!
Our roofs have been built following this update in planning regulations. We’ve ensured that our roofs follow all regulation and requirements to the letter! Our roofs are built to the correct specifications ensuring they are as safe and sound as promised.

Working With Guardian Roofs Midlands:

If you’re looking for a new conservatory roof in Stafford, Guardian Roofs Midlands is your number one provider! By choosing to work with us, you’re opening yourself up for one of the best services in the sector. We’re committed to delivering a quality service for every job we do, which is reflected in our case studies. We are also LABC Certified ensuring that our roofs are built in accordance with all necessary legislation.
We also offer a 10-year warranty on all our products and workmanship. This is a testament to how much we believe in our product and service! No arguing, no excuses!
Get in touch with our expert team who will be more than happy to help and support you in your quest to find out whether a Guardian conservatory roof Stafford is the best option for you. Call on 0121 396 1150 today!

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