Did you know that the conservatory originated in the 16th century and since then there have only been minor changes to the design and the materials used? Back then, the main use of a conservatory was to grow fruit and vegetables, almost like a greenhouse but attached to the house. This form of extensions was effective when it comes to growing plants, unfortunately, they are not as well suited to being used as living space


This doesn’t take away from the fact that conservatories are a very cost-effective extension. Whilst they might not be the most insulated and future proof option they are a great way for homeowners to extend the house without having to break the bank. The most frustrating part of owning a conservatory is its temperature control. 


A New Conservatory Roof Is The Perfect Option 


Conservatories tend to be to warm in the summer as well as being too cold in the winter. This lack of temperature control means that the living space cannot be enjoyed anywhere near as much as you attended. No need to worry, that’s where a new conservatory roof system comes in to help. 


Conservatory roofs offer a cost-effective way to transform your conservatory into a true extension to your living space. Choosing an option with increased insulation is an amazing way to take control of your conservatory helping to keep it the perfect temperature all year round. 


In this blog post, we will be discussing a couple of the most common conservatory roof systems available on the market, helping you to find the perfect option for your home. 


Polycarbonate Roofing


Nearly all new conservatories will be constructed using a polycarbonate roofing solution. The reason being is that polycarbonate is a very cheap option to complete the build. The main issue with this form of roofing is that it offers next to no insulation which contributes to a lack of temperature control. Whilst additional insulation could be an option you look into, the reality is that this roofing solution should not be something that you look at investing in. 


Glass Roof System 


Whilst polycarbonate is the most common roofing option for new conservatories, glass can also be used in the initial construction. Here’s my honest opinion, glass is definitely a better option when compared to polycarbonate but it’s definitely not the best. Glass is much easier to clean and it can also last longer because it’s highly durable and resistant when installed correctly. The main issue with glass is that it still lacks the insulation properties you need in a conservatory roof. 


Flat Roofing 


Traditionally, flat roofing is an investment made down the line by conservatory owners. Very few conservatory installers chose to use a flat roof system upon initial construction. Flat roofing is a great way to transform your conservatory into a true extension to your living space. The solid roof will help to reduce the amount of glare in your conservatory whilst helping with temperature control. One of the added benefits of choosing flat roofing for your conservatory is that it can be installed with layers of insulation. Helping to help keep your hot air in and the cold weather out. 

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