The lovely and warm springtime weather is finally starting to settle in. With this beautiful weather comes the first time where you have to give up your garden side living space as a result of your conservatory becoming to warm to enjoy. Many believe this is just the life of a conservatory owner but this shouldn’t be the case! The reason that your conservatory is to warm to enjoy is down to the roofing solution overhead. In this blog, we will be taking you through all of the roofing options available to you, a proud conservatory owner, and then we will be discussing the benefits of each option.


Polycarbonate Roofing 


The most common material used for conservatories, polycarbonate is a cheap yet versatile material that many companies sell their conservatory with as standard. This is a material which looks good on the day it is fitted but over time this material will become your worst nightmare! Offering very little insulation you will struggle to enjoy your conservatory on the days when you need it most. Say goodbye to using this conservatory roof in the summertime this roofing option turns your conservatory into a greenhouse. The key benefit of using this material for your conservatory roof is that it is relatively cheap and lightweight. 


Glass Roofing 


Conservatory roofs can also be constructed out of glass which is definitely a more underrated roofing solution. You do not see many glass conservatory roofs here in the UK but this is a style that comes with a wide range of benefits. Glass roofing allows the maximum light to enter the room even on days when the weather is cloudy and dull. Using glass also enables you to choose a low glare option which keeps you and your family from becoming dazzled when the sun is at it’s strongest. Glass conservatory roofs can be exceptionally expensive when compared to other option on the market. 


Flat Roofing 


This is another conservatory roof solution which we often don’t see too often here within the UK. Flat roofing gives you the choice of using a whole range of materials each having their own costs and benefits. One of the main benefits of having a flat roof installed is that it can be installed very efficiently when compared to a pitched roof and this can lead to installation costs being kept to a minimum. On the other hand flat roofing solutions tend to have a much shorter life span when compared to pitched roofs. Flat roofs can also create some extremely hot internal temperatures in the summer months as they have very little insulation. 


The Guardian Roof 


The conservatory roof option that ticks all of the boxes. Our guardian warm roofs have been carefully designed to offer maximum insulation, immaculate aesthetics and the ability to transform your conservatory into all year round living space for you and your family to enjoy. Below are a couple of the key benefits of this conservatory roofing option


Due to its simple design, our experienced team of installers can put the roof up in just a couple of days. Causing minimal disturbance to your daily routine allowing you to achieve your dream conservatory quicker than you ever would have imagined. 


With energy bills constantly on the rise, it has become more important than ever that you keep your heating bills to a minimum. The guardian roof has been independently proven to save you money on electricity bills. 


A guardian roof regulates the temperature throughout the conservatory with its quality insulating foam. In the summer this conservatory roof will help keep the cool air in and the warm air out. Allowing you to enjoy this extra living space whatever the weather.

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