With the COVID-19 pandemic still happening and working from home becoming the new normal in everyday life, having a home office for work or for running your own business, and this creates an increasing need for office space at home. Your home office will need to be peaceful, practical, professional and also a place where you feel productive, without distractions. Conservatories can be converted into any type of room but why not convert it into a home office. Here are some of our top tips for creating your dream home office. 


Getting The Right Set-Up

Having the right set-up is key to any office conservatory, you will need to make sure that you have everything you need to have a productive day. You will need a smart desk, a comfortable chair that will help your posture, storage, appropriate lighting and anything else you need. Don’t forget about details too, as much as you need your office space to be functional but you still want it to be homely and be a place that you can enjoy being in.


Think About Electricity 

Before you start transforming your office it is imperative to think about the number of sockets available in your conservatory and the number of electric items you have. Imagine moving everything into y

our conservatory and then realising that you can’t plug anything in…Nightmare. Don’t let this happen to you. Set up your room properly and efficiently with effective planning to transition into your new office smoothly. You should also think about your internet connection too.



When storing expensive equipment it is important to make sure the room they are in is secure. You should look to get double/triple glazing, installing locks, and hiding gadgets from view with blinds. These are all just precautions in making sure that your conservatory office is more secure. 

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