The conservatory has had a place in the UK’s gardens for decades. They saw a spike in popularity during the ’80s but in recent times people have cottoned on to their major downfalls. Anyone who owns one of these outhouses will be able to tell you that if you try and sit in there during the winter months you will be reaching for your coat, a blanket and maybe even a woolly hat. Equally, when the Summer months arrive and you attempt to relax in the light-filled room, you’ll be vacating within a matter of minutes due to the oven-like temperatures. By now most people will have heard of the simple solution to this issue- a replacement conservatory roof which is properly insulated and lightweight. The Guardian Warm Roof is the UK market leader and has been rated the ‘Home improvement product of the year’. If you’re asking yourself, “How Much Does a Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?”, then this article is for you.

If you are based in the Midlands in one of the following areas all our conservatory roof services are available to you: Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury, Telford, Redditch, Tamworth, Cannock, Kidderminster, Bridgnorth, Shropshire and Nuneaton. If you’re interested in finding out more about the different types and styles of roof available, simply request a free, no-obligation Quick Quote or use the form on our Contact page. You can also give our friendly and expert team a call on 0121 396 1150.

What Are The Problems with Glass & Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs?

Conservatories can feel very temporary due to the fact you can only spend a matter of months in there comfortably- and that’s on a good year. As a result of this people are left feeling like they’ve wasted money on a room which they are not getting any use out of. In addition to this, many conservatory owners find themselves faced with a number of varying issues all down to the glass and polycarbonate roofs. One of the main issues experienced is with leaks coming in through the ceiling, especially when the weather has been bad for a few days. The likely causes are faulty ventilation vents or perished seals. Without having a substantial cover protecting the top of the room, you leave yourself open to the possibility of the roof getting damaged in all winds and weathers. This can lead to costly repair bills. Another common problem with conservatories is condensation. As the room is largely made of glass, condensation can be very prominent. Condensation that is not dealt with can lead to bigger and more severe complications such as damp spreading and mould growing. The easiest way to handle the problem is to ensure that you have effective ventilation in place. The Guardian™ Warm roof ingeniously prevents condensation and provides the correct level of insulation.

The Guardian™ warm roof has been specially developed with all the issues conservatory owners face in mind. The aim was to rid of these problems by inventing a roof which can be simply installed on top of the existing structure without the need for additional planning permission. The roof is completely weatherproof, solving the issue of leaks. It is totally energy-efficient– achieving a maximum U value of 0.18 W/m2K (to put it simply no more cold winters and overheated summers). With the thermally and structurally approved Guardian™ roof you are guaranteed to save money on your heating bills. The roof is made up of two layers of rigid insulation board, internally insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood and a vapour membrane.Replacement conservatory roof cost

The Roof

  • Choice of tile finishes
  • Membrane
  • Exterior grade plywood
  • 25mm high-performance insulation
  • 40mm high-performance insulation
  • Timber battens
  • 72mm high performance insulated plasterboards
  • Rafter

How Much Does a Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

If you scour the internet looking for rough prices of conservatory roofs and the cost it will be to have them installed, you could easily lose a few hours and still not feel any more informed. To answer the question ‘how much will it cost to replace my conservatory roof?’ is not a straightforward task and there are many considerations that come with the lengthy reply.


The biggest factor reflecting how much your conservatory roof is going to cost is the size of it.  Conservatories range from Porch sized all the way up to the size of almost a small bungalow! For this reason, it is very difficult to give an exact figure.

How Much Does a Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

How Much Does a Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?


Prices dramatically vary depending on the shape of the roof. At the lower end of the spectrum is the single plane lean-to roof. The higher-end would encompass angular Victorian or Edwardian roofs. The cost of the roofs are likely to be more expensive when there is more headroom or a more “dramatic” roof. The Gable-ended roof is a good example of this.


Another price factor is the material you wish to use to replace your conservatory roof with. Many people opt to go for a cheaper alternative than a Guardian™ Warm Roof. The reason the Guardian™ Roof has a bigger price tag is simply that it is the best replacement conservatory roof solution available- no questions asked.

It is estimated that the average price of a Guardian™ Roof ranges from £7000 all the way up to the £20,000 mark. The thing to remember is that one of these roofs is a lifetime investment which can save you a lot of money in the long run. With The Guardian™ Warm Roof, you have the potential to change the way you live and transform your old, useless, money-draining conservatory into an all year round living space.

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