Traditionally glass or polycarbonate is used to provide a cost-effective conservatory roof solution, the main issue with this is the dirt and mess that can build up over the years. The conservatory can become a hotspot for bugs and cobwebs meaning mess can quickly build-up to a point where your conservatory appears to be poorly maintained. 


In this blog post, we are going to provide you with an easy to follow guide for cleaning your conservatory roof. 


1) Setting Up Your Stepladder


Commonly, cleaning your conservatory roof will require some form of stepladder or stool to help get you in reaching distance of the roof. This is your average height of a single story conservatory is much higher than the other roofs within your home. Luckily, its a simple case of setting up a stepladder and ask a check that it’s secure, the last thing you want to do is get injured while cleaning the roof. 


2) Remove Any Roof Blinds In The Way 


If you have conservatory roof blinds within your conservatory you will firstly need to remove these or just retract them to a point where you have full access to the roof. Blinds can become extremely dirty over the years so you must make sure these get a quick clean before moving on to the rest of the roof. Using a powerful vacuum can allow you to suck up any dead bugs or dirt that have build-up, ensuring your blinds look good as new. 


3) Soaking The Roof Windows Frames


Now let’s get the actual cleaning on the go! We will now need to start with the window frames. Because they are usually coming in contact with the dirt found on the blinds, they will also pick up all sorts of stains. That is why it’s so important that you give them a proper soaking. Using a slightly damp cloth and scrubbing the frames will allow you to tackle these stains head-on. 


Pro Tip: Make sure the cloth is wet enough to soak the frames and leave a little excess water. This will give the dirt and stains a chance to be lifted off of the frames before you come along and clean up the excess water. 


4) Mop Up The Excess Water 


After leaving the excess water to soak into the frames for 5 minutes or so its time to come along and clean up any of the excesses. Water is great to help remove dirt and stains but if left on the frames to dry its likely that you’re going to be left with small water stains which take away from the deep clean you just completed. Simply run a thick cloth over all of the frames until they are completely dry so there is no water remaining. 


5) Washing The Roof Pannels 


Let’s move onto the main feature of your conservatory roof that needs cleaning. Yes, you guessed it, the roof window. Over the years the windows can become surprisingly dirty which results in the conservatories aesthetics being negatively affected and the natural lighting within the conservatory becoming a little dull. Its time to go over all of the windows with a dedicated window cleaner, It may also pay off to use warm soapy water which will help effectively remove stains. 


6) Whipping The Windows Clean 


The most important step of them all is the final whip down. Now you have taken the time to completely soak and rinse the windows it would be a shame to ruin all this hard work by missing a final whip. The best way to do this is by using a brand new microfiber cloth. The same material that you would find in your sunglasses case. The reason being is that it creates a spotless finish and removes and reminisce of fingerprints and excess water. 

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