How Can You Make Your Conservatory Roof More Efficient? Guardian Roofs Midlands explains:

If you’ve lived in a home with an older conservatory, you’ll know how inefficient they are. Older conservatories seem to have no middle ground since they’re usually too hot or too cold. In the Summer, they’ll make your conservatory too hot whilst in the winter, you’ll need almost constant heating to make the space useable. Unfortunately due to their design, older conservatories use outdated plastic roofs. This makes the thermal capability of an older conservatory very inefficient. Older conservatories will also use single glazing which contributes to poor thermal qualities. This usually leaves the homeowners with one of two choices. Either leave the space as it is, or spend a fortune heating it your conservatory in the Winter. It’s a shame that so many homeowners deal with this issue on a day to day basis. Whilst it isn’t the end of the world, it is a common annoyance a lot of people have within their own home. Conservatories have so much potential and it’s a shame not utilise that space fully!

Making Your Conservatory Roof More EfficientThis is where Guardian Roofs Midlands come in! We can offer you a range of solutions making your conservatory roof more efficient. You may be confused with on how this is possible, but we aim to clarify this in our blog post! We’re going to go through what you can do as a homeowner to improve the efficiency of your conservatory.

Temporary Solutions:

There are options for you if you’re looking for a quick temporary fix. Roof blinds, carpet, ceiling fans, electric heaters are all things you could consider. These all seem somewhat futile since they’ll end up being mere plasters over a bleeding wound. Regardless of what you use to try and mitigate the issue, the core problem remains. The conservatory roof (either glass or polycarbonate) is unfit for modern-day use. It doesn’t matter what you install in or on your conservatory since the issue will always be there.

With this logic, you’ll soon be moved on to a more permanent solution. Conservatories themselves are an amazing concept and, unfortunately older roof’s make them unusable. You can improve efficiency with methods like this but the effects will be negligible. The only way you’ll see true results that are permanent is by solving the issue it’s self. This is where a replacement conservatory roof comes in!

Benefits Of A Replacement Conservatory Roof:

A new conservatory roof is a great way of improving your conservatory’s efficiency. This can offer you huge savings when you consider the savings on heating costs. Your average Guardian Warm roof can save you up to £200 in your average home! Over time, the energy cost savings alone end up paying for the roof itself. This makes a new roof a smart investment when you consider the benefits it gives you.

This comes with a range of other benefits that a replacement conservatory roof can give you. A new solid roof for your conservatory can also improve the look and finish of your home! Long gone are the days of faded, yellowed and misted polycarbonate roofs. Polycarbonate/glass roofs can look somewhat stuck on since they tend to stand out. Solid roofs are much more fitting with most homes as it looks much more integrated. Solid roofs instil a much more refined look and finish. This is especially the case when matched with your existing roof.

Our conservatory roofs are light enough to fit on any existing conservatory frame. This makes them suitable for any home! Our roofs provide full waterproofing and of course the previously mentioned thermal performance. There is also a range of styles and finishes so you can find something that’s going to suit your home.

Working with Guardian Roofs Midlands:

If you’ve read our article and you like the idea of a replacement conservatory roof, speak to our team today! Feel free to browse through the rest of our website and blog to find out more about the different services we offer. We also have case studies from previous homes we’ve worked on giving you an insight on how happy our customers are! We hope you’ve found our “Making Your Conservatory Roof More Efficient” beneficial and informative!

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