Spring Home Improvement Projects Ideas


This article is going to give you some suggestions around what home improvement projects you could carry out during the Springtime. With the outdoors opening up throughout a British Spring more jobs and home improvement projects are available to start on. Hopefully, the below will give you some great ideas to help with your home improvement jobs over the next few months.


The Best Time of The Year To Improve Your Home 


Springtime in the UK means temperatures can often reach 20 degrees centigrade and so jobs that you would specifically put off in Winter can be achieved when it’s a bit hotter and dryer as it gets in the Spring. If your house is rendered, then this is a perfect time to look at repainting the render. In the winter it’s too cold and wet for the paint to set correctly and in the Summer, it can be far too hot to be up a ladder applying bright white paint in the sunlight to the whole of the outside of your house, so Spring is a perfect time to do this job. The market also has transformed and now it’s not just white paint you can use, in fact even the render now comes in a large variety of colours so if you need not only a paint job but also a new render then why not combine the two at once?


A Bright And Shiny Coat Of Paint 


If the weather forecast is favourable, then why not look at retiling your roof or if that sounds a bit too much how about re-felting the old shed roof. Outdoor painting of all surfaces is best completed in the Spring as it’s not too hot but hot enough for the paint to stick. Think of your fences, a wooden bin store that’s looking a bit untidy or even applying a nice shiny coat of lacquer to your patio slabs after you have jet-washed them. All great Spring home improvement projects. 


Planting New Shrubs And Flowers


With garden centres now in full swing throughout the springtime, you can get some great ideas by visiting your local outdoor improvement stockists. It’s the perfect time of year to plant outdoor shrubs, look at outdoor activities such as adding swimming pools or paddling pools if the budget will not stretch that far. Year-round outdoor furniture starts to become widespread and available to enhance your outdoor living space. 


Insulating The Loft Space


Indoors, one of the peskiest jobs known to man can be carried out. Spring is perfect for that wonderful job of insulating the loft as in the summer it’s far too hot to spend any time more than 3 minutes in there and in the Winter, you get icicles on the end of your nose just by having a peek inside the loft hatch.


New Conservatory Roof


Spring is perfect for those home improvement projects that require opening up the inside of your home to the outside so think of refitting a new conservatory roof for example or changing your windows to a more energy-efficient and modern looking triple glazed option perhaps. Deep cleaning roof lanterns are ideal in the spring as in the summer you can spend all day trying to get rid of any smears you make when cleaning because the Sun, very kindly, picks them all out for you!


Upgrading The Central Heating


A major home improvement job you can consider during the spring is to replace your central heating and radiator set up. You are unlikely to need to use it whilst it’s being fitted, and it can take up to a week depending on the size of your house. In the spring too if you need to vacate your house to let tradesmen in then at least you may well have the opportunity to go for day trips in nice weather rather than suffering the cold, wind, rain or snow of the Winter.


Warm Fire Pit For The Garden 


Other Spring home improvement projects are all about the outside space and making the most use out of what you have. Even before we were locked down over 75% of us spend our leisure and downtime at home, in the garden so how about investing in things like a fire pit to keep you warm well into the late Spring and Summer evenings or bring the outside in by installing some bifold doors in place of a wall in your property or adding an orangery to the back or side of your house.


There are plenty of great jobs to crack on with during the Springtime and we hope that this article has given you a really good idea of what you can accomplish in your own home and garden this springtime. Some of the projects mentioned can be costly but some on the other hand only need a little trip to the garden centre, a bit of paint and some imagination. Good luck with your Spring home improvements this year and thanks for reading our article today.

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