Can you remember the buzz and excitement that was in the air as the conservatory was being constructed? It was amazing. As the years pass by this excitement starts to fade away and this extra living space becomes a place that is only used when the conditions are just right. 


This should never be the case! Although the conservatory may have lost that brand new smell, the excitement to use this space can still be present time after time again. Its just a case converting the conservatory into space which both you and the family love spending time within. 


Whether its a case of some brand new furniture for a fresh coat of paint, there are always steps that can be taken to rejuvenate this space and give it a second life. Allow us to guide you through a few of the many options available to you. Giving you the inspiration you need to transform your conservatory into that dream living space you have always wanted. 


Gorgeous Garden Getaway


After spending hours at in the sunlight soaking up rays there becomes a need for a break and a quick refreshment. What better place to do this than within your newly converted conservatory. By filling this space with a lovely sofa you can find both shade and comfort within the same place. Transforming your conservatory into a garden getaway serves as space where you can gather with friends and family to get a break from the intense sun on a warm summers day. 


Naturally Beautiful Dining Space 


There is just something so special about natural lighting. Nothing beats it. With this in mind, a conservatory boasts the natural light that we all know and love from all angles creating living space which is always evenly lite. The perfect place to sit back and enjoy some delicious home-cooked food, the conservatory really does offer everything you could desire from a dining space. The even natural light helps to display your food in all its glory and really creates a unique dining experience for everyone to enjoy. 


Wonderful Work Space


With the COVID-19 lockdown forcing many of us to work from home there has come a need for a working space which truly allows us to be as productive as possible whilst still having a view of the outside world. Nobody enjoys being crammed into a little dark office space, by creating a workspace in the conservatory you truly have the best of both worlds. A stunning view of the garden plus and the space you need to really crack on with the working day. 


Homely Living Room 


As many of us know, there is never enough space within the home for general lounging around with the family. As the family grows and everyone demands there only personal space an additional living space may just be exactly what you need. Its a simple as decorating with bright and comfortable furniture and you’ll watch the household flock into one place. Don’t forget the television tho,  what would those kids do without the TV! 


Herbs and Spices Room 

Okay, we’re not suggesting that you transform your wonderful conservatory into a full-blown greenhouse. It might be lovely to grow some of your favourite herbs and spices ensuring you never run out of those essentials to every recipe. Due to the abundance of natural lighting your favourite plants will thrive, allowing you to simply pick off the ingredient you need on demands. Paired with some comfortable furniture,  this will create a living space that everyone in your household will love to spend some time within.

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