The time has finally come where you have accepted that the conservatory roof is ready for replacement, now you just want to learn more about the replacement process. Well, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be taking you through the entire process, from start to finish explaining what work is completed at every step of the way. 


Initial Quotations 


One of our conservatory roof experts will come out to visit your property and take all the measurements required to provide a quote. This also gives you have the chance to speak to our team about any questions you may have about the guardian warm roof system. 


Removing The Existing Conservatory Roof 


The first day of work is all about the removal of the existing conservatory roof. While many conservatory roof replacement systems just over clad the existing roof we take pride in offering a complete replacement service. By completely removing the existing roof we are able to install our solid roof systems without having any interference from the old uninsulated polycarbonate roof. 


Guardian Ventaled Ring Beam 


Next, we secure a timber add on to the top side of the window frame, giving us the necessary foundations to install the guardian warm roof system. Above we fit the guardian ventilated ring beam for maximum strength and security when fitting the rest of the roof.  


Aluminium Frame  


Now its time for the quality aluminium frame. We use our bespoke aluminium frames to create a strong yet lightweight framework for the roof to be constructed out of. After the rafters, ridges and wall plates are fitted we can then secure the spider arms to the spider bracket. 


Structural Weatherproof Plyboard


Next, we install our plyboard to the framework. All of the materials we use throughout our projects have been tried and tested to ensure unbeatable results, and the plyboard is no exception.  Our team carefully place the plyboard onto the frame to seal off your new conservatory roof. 


Guardian Breathable Waterproof Membrane


The Guardian membrane is now laid over the top of the plyboard and fastened with a staple gun. These two layers of material acts as the protection against the unpredictable British weather.


Chosen Tile is Then Fitted 


Now its time to fit your chosen style of tile, available in a wide range of colours and designs you can be sure that your option will add an extra layer of elegance to your home. The option is also available to fit any other tiling options that you have available, this means you can match the beautiful tiles found on the rest of the home. 


Timber Battens 


We next fit the timber battens to the roof, after being clued in place this will act as additional support for your tilings and allow us to fit the ridge and hinge joints. Creating that clean overall finish that you would expect with this state of the art solid conservatory roof system. 


Further Insulation 


Now moving to the inside of your conservatory, our team will carefully install a think lacker of quality insulation. This will be fitted between rafters leaving a slight gap for ventilation. This process will be repeated until your new solid roof boats 125mm of insulation between your living space and the weather outside.




All that’s left is to install the insulated plasterboard and then to be finished off to your likings. Features such as LED spotlights and roof windows can really help transform this extra living space to the life and heart of your home. 


The entire insulation process takes approximately 3days which ensures that your daily routine is not disturbed whilst the lifechanging home improvements go on in the background. We are proud to be the leading guardian roof companies throughout the midlands and we would be proud to complete your conservatory roof replacement service today. 

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