Four of the World’s Most Incredible Roof Structures

Roofs are perhaps one of the most important components of the final structure of any building. Besides protecting structures from wet weather or falling objects, roofs usually contain insulation which heats the entirety of the property and regulates the temperature of the property. If your home or place of work did not have the roof, it would pretty much make the property unusable. Not only would it make the objects on the top floor of the building soaking wet, cold, or even cause the objects on the top floor to blow away, it would also cause the properties electronics to be severely, or even dangerously damages. In any situation, roofs will always be a benefit, and will always be required on any type of property. On many domestic properties across the United Kingdom, red tiles are used for roofs, however, for commercial buildings, roofs can range from flat roofs to weird and wonderful designs depending on the purpose of the building. In this post, we have selected five of the worlds most incredible roofing structures and some brief information about each of the roofs. 

Sydney Opera House, Australia

The incredible Sydney Opera House is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking roof structures in the world, perhaps even structures in the world. On top of this incredible building are curvaceous shapes which form the roof of the building that makes this building so unique and world-renowned. Sydney Opera House has created an image for the incredible Australian city of Sydney and building itself is perhaps the most visited tourist destination in the entire city. Each of the curvaceous shapes placed on top of the building has been names shells due to their resemblance to shells. The ‘shells’ are precast concrete panels that are covered by an incredible one million Swedish tiles. After the construction began in 1959, it took a total of fourteen years and cost the local a whopping $102 million. 

Santorini Domed Roofs, Greece

On the first impression of seeing the buildings, these glamorous blue and white roofs on the stunning Greek isle of Santorini may give the impression that the buildings are exclusive for the rich or royalty, however, the colour and shape of the roofs is for a much more practical and efficient purpose. In Santorini, temperatures during the summer are very hot, and the average August temperature is approximately 29 degrees celsius. Each of the white or brightly coloured roofs reflects the sun rays to keep the interiors of the building cool. Additionally to the hot summer temperatures, rain in Santorini can be very scarce. Besides the temperature regulating properties of the roofs, the dome shape helps rain to fall and land in cisterns that are strategically placed below the domes to catch runoff water. Besides the aesthetics of these white dome roofs, they also have magnificent benefits for those who live inside of the buildings. Many of the buildings would now have air conditioning or a running supply of water, however, locals relied on these roofs to stay cool and for water before running water and air conditioning was widely available on the island. 

The Grand Palace, Thailand

Constructed in 1782 and home of the Thai King, the royal court, and the administrative government for 150-years, the grand palace is a historical treasure in the magnificent south Asian city of Bangkok. Constructed with roofs plated with gold, the grand palace is not one to miss when visiting Bangkok. This incredible palace consistently has visitors in awe with its incredible architecture and intricate detail. For many years, the complex remains the spiritual heart of Thai culture and we can only predict it will keep its title as the spiritual heart for many years to come. As the roofs are golden, we can only assume the purpose is for the building to look glamorous, however, the shape of the roofs of the buildings could suggest a similar purpose to the domed roofs of Santorini. 

Guardian Roofs, United Kingdom

Okay, so this one may be a bit bias, however, there’s no denying that Guardian Roofs and their benefits are pretty incredible! If you are unaware of our spectacular Guardian Roofs, then the easiest way of explaining them is a simple transformation to drastically improve the efficiency of existing conservatories and preventing any negatives that they may have. A Guardian Roof is a tiled conservatory roof that insulates the conservatory and transforms the interior and exterior to appear like an extension. The insulating properties inside of the roof allow the conservatory to be usable throughout the year. Many conservatory owners find that their conservatory is unusable during very hot or cold conditions as it has little insulation. A guardian roof regulates the temperature of the conservatory for consistent use. Besides the insulation benefits, the interior appearance of an extension also allows more room for creative interior design inside of the conservatory. 

Conservatory Roof Stafford

Guardian Roofs Midlands offer their very own tiled Guardian conservatory roofs in a variety of different styles across Stafford and the midlands. If you are looking to upgrade your conservatory for all-year-round usage in a temperature-regulated conservatory, then get in touch with Guardian Roofs Midlands today for a brand new Conservatory Roof in Stafford. By informing our team the specifications of your existing conservatory, Guardian Roofs Midlands can arrange for a free quote and installation as soon as possible at a time that is convenient for both parties. 

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