A conservatory is a great addition to any home, offering a cost-effective home extension solution they fast became to number one solution for those looking to improve property value. Whilst conservatories may not be the top end of the home improvements market this structure can offer your home an incredible addition to living space whilst keeping the initial costs down. 

Over the years wear and tear can start taking its toll on your conservatory, often leading to leaks forming. Leaks will start coming in from the roof as this is the key area which receives the most rainfall. In this blog post, we will be breaking down a few of the most common reasons why conservatories start leaking. 


The lifespan of Conservatory Roofs


Most conservatories build here in the UK are fitted with polycarbonate roofing panels which only have a lifespan of between 10 – 15 years. After the roof hits this age range you can expect to find leaks starting to come in from around the window, doors, and roofing panels. 


There are several reasons why these leaks start to occur and if you catch them early there is a good chance that you can complete a temporary repair which helps to ensure that your possessions and furniture are not damaged.


Waterproof Sealant fading Around Windows 


When your conservatory is first installed, the team will ensure that all windows are sealed tight with a form of window sealant. Great for protection against the cold British weather, these sealants help to fill any small gaps between the structure. As the years pass by a sealant can be worn away which results in small drips of water to start entering around the window frames. This form of the leak may not be as problematic as a roof leak but they are something that you should be mindful of. 


Roofing Fixtures Coming Loose 


Every year the British weather can bring us some of the strongest winds and rains. This extreme weather can help accelerate the wear and tear on the conservatory roof leading to fixtures coming loose. Often this is no fault of the installation team this is just one of those problems that develop over time regardless of the quality of the installation. We highly recommend that you refer back to see if your conservatory is still covered by the initial guarantee, if so you may be able to get these leaks resolved with minimal hassle on your end. 


Cracks Forming on Roofing Pannels 


The worst of British storms can bring down all sorts of plants and trees. With this comes the risk this weather poses to your conservatory. Over the years you may have only seen several dead branches come off the surrounding trees. This can actually lead to damage to the roofing panels. This is especially true to those who have glass panels that can be easily cracked when put under the sudden shock of a branch crashing down. 


The Solution To a Leaking Roof


Once you notice a leak forming you must act fast to get this problem resolved. If you leave a leak to develop you will not only be making this leak worse but this could also cause substantial damage to your furniture and possessions found inside the conservatory. Water damage can be extremely costly, avoid it and get your conservatory repaired as soon as possible. 


Alternatively, you can look at getting the entire conservatory roof replaced. Once your conservatory reaches the 10 – 15 year age mark these problems start to come to a regular occurrence. Replacing the roof with a solid roof system will not only offer you better protection from leaks but it can also help offer extra insulation in the coldest of months. 

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